from by Nail Houses



I stepped in to the infirmary.
Stared at the ceiling in front of me.

I saw those bodies on the bed.
I saw those tubes inside your head.
White walls made me feel betrayed.
White walls betrayed the color grey.

I've never gotten an answer
from a well-dressed man
Was never given the cure;
never told the plan.

I stand,
in stone,

The ego never wants to stop.
The ego denies it will rot.

I saw my body on the floor.
I wasn't moving anymore.
The fear was seeping out my pores.
My pores...

This is a place I know too well;
this is a place where fear does dwell.
Among the birds and the plastic trees,
it's waiting to bring you to your knees (and it does).
You can sell yourself a story,
or you can write yourself a book,
but the fear will always linger:
Digging into your back, ripping at your skin,
clawed in like a million hooks.

If there is a better way,
we could find a way,
we could sus it out.
If there is another way,
then we'll find a way,
we will work it out.

I've never met an honest
man in a suit.
I never bit the bullet.
I never told you to shoot.

I stand,


from PARADE, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Nail Houses Washington

Uncomfortable music for uncomfortable people.

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